The biggest show on Earth. Tommorow the New York Giants wil play the New England Patriots for the National Football League titel. The Giants had 4 previous experiences and are 3-1. They won SB XXI and XXV under Bill Parcell’s staf and also took the XLII under Tom Coughlin.

The Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers have the most SB (8) appearances. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the most (IX-X-XIII-XIV-XL-XLIII) Superbowls. The Denver Broncos indexed (XII,XXI,XXII,XXIV) the most losses together with the Buffalo’s (XXV-XXVI-XXVII-XXVIII) and Vikings (IV,VIII,IX,XI). The Greenbay Packers won the first and second Superbowl contests.

The Patriots are the team to beat according to analists. The last time the two met however the Giants won SB XLII. Qaurterbacks Tom Brady and Eli Manning will decide the outcome on super sunday janaury the 5fth 2012.

iNews – Abna Advies 2002 Curacao.

Volgens velen het grootste (sport)evenement op onze aarde. Morgen ontmoeten de NY Giants en NE Patriots elkaar in de RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana. De NYG wonnen de titel drie van de vier keer in het bestaan van de franchise. De NEP wonnen in 2003, 2004 en 2006 (XXXVIII-XXIX-XXXI) de Super Bowl.

De Dallas Cowboys en de Pittsburgh Steelers hebben beide 8 keer deelgenomen aan de SB. De PS wonnen de meeste SB (9-10-13-14-40 en 43 edities). The Green Bay Packers wonnen SB 1 & 2.

De Patriots staan te boek als het team om van te winnen. De laatste keer dat beide teams elkaar in Sb 42 tegenkwamen wonnen echter de NYG.

iNews – AA 2002 Curacao.


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