The level of control of the biggest company on Curacao is far below average in the region. Organized crime syndicates pull their strings to make money and control society in a negative way.

Going to court will jeopardize the life quality forever. Lawyers don’t care about people’s wealth and only care to maximize their legal income. According to the law of the Dutch Kingdom working hours are set from 8 to 5 during the week. The weekends are for rest en social improvement of the human race.

The contractors however think otherwise and are able to make more money working in the weekend. With no social control or police that can clock against the organized crime syndicates the citizens are left over to the demons and satan.

This criminal content should be broken where the big companies should present their power and not be afraid of punishments by their own population. Time will tell and hope will prevail.

iNews – Common Criminal Behavior.


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