Afghanistan has become the world’s biggest drugs dealer, thanks to the opioid epidemic in the United States, caused by US Pharmaceuticals and doctors over prescribing the addictive opiate to the American people.

As to the opioid epidemic in the USA, the overuse of prescription painkillers is to blame and not Afghanistan. The American people are addicted to opiates the US Pharmacies and doctors are pumping opiates into poor communities.

At the moment the can’t afford opiates anymore, they go to heroin, which is cheaper in the USA than the prescription drug medications. This is the reason America experiences this huge spike in opium or heroin related deaths in the USA.

The solution to the health problem lies within economic measures rather than military means according to analysts. Additionally every American bank has been convicted of laundering billions of dollars of drug money in the meanwhile?

None of those banks executives go to jail. They just get fined. In other words profit drives this industry, and there is no military solution, only a waste of US taxpayers dollars and the return of death soldiers from Afghanistan!

To prevent opium flowing into the mainland USA, one must develop some kind of an alternative economy in Afghanistan. This way the poppy fields in Afghanistan can be destroyed, while providing the farmers with alternative income to replace the poppy agriculture. / AA Magnum Blog Site News 2017.


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