Johannesburg :

The Western demolition tactics serve Imperialist nations that economically want to explore and own the entire world resources, especially gold, oil, gas and diamonds.

Countries that try to oppose this new world order (NWO) are sabotaged, bombed back to the stone age and burned down to the ground. The Americans have more than 100 military command posts operating in Africa at the moment.

The French military deployed its assassins (called peace keepers) to Mali, Central African Republic, Libya and many other former colonial outposts to help defend the economic interests in these countries.

Clear recent examples are the so-called “Arabian Spring” movement that turned the mineral-rich continent into an Arabian Hell without floodgates to spare the millions of innocent victims caused by Western imperialist forces.

The so-called computerized revolution started in Tunisia and spoiled over to entire Middle East. Now, the oil rich North Africa and the Middle East have turned in hell on planet Earth, so the Zionist banks and Imperialist companies can drain and squeeze profits out off the deception.

However, the Western propaganda media launches a complete different version into the audience, telling them that ISIS are Muslims killing people living in the free world. Here the truth is very easy to distract, the only victims are Muslims, millions have been killed so far.

At the same time millions of others Muslim and Christian victims are on the run to escape their death sentences in their bombed and burned out villages and towns. The exodus is a direct result of this satanic fascist behavior!

Global / AA Magnum News 2017.


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