The German passenger airliner, Air Berlin has announced it will cancel its tropical flight to Curacao in the Caribbean. 

One of the main reasons for stopping its flights to the tropical destination was to quit the ‘cocaine trafficking’ business to Germany. The jails in Germany are loaded with drugs runners from Curacao, failing to pass through customs.

The other reason was the corrupted “Curacao Tourism Burea” (CTB), that didn’t pay their revenue duties to Air Berlin. The agreement was totally neglected for Air Berlin to quit its route to Curacao, which represents one of the cocaine hubs in the region.

The whole episode is a shame for German tourists. Air Berlin started its flights in 2011, and in 2016 over 22.000 German vacationers visited the tropical island along the coast of Venezuela.

Now the Dutch carriers KLM and Arkefly can control the lucrative destination and demand whatever they wish, as the only airliners flying to Europa from the Dutch Caribbean. The golden route for KLM guarantees the survival of the company.

The best days for tourism in Curacao seem to be over, now the island is looking to head for its return, because many visitors get robbed, raped, and mentally molested during their vacation staying over in the Dutch colony.

With even the CTB in on the scam (corrupted collectors of tourism tax revenues), there is not much hope for the Dutch residents, except if they are somehow connected to the lucrative illegal drugs trade and money laundering schemes.

Algemeen Dagblad / AA Magnum News 2017.


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