The human race is on and human engineering must decide who will be left on planet Earth after the of Agenda 21 has been materialized. Profits in exchange for fantasy.

The international media always describes the USA as the good entity, and all of them against the hegemony as bad ass terrorists. To understand this phenomenon, one must first analyze the basics of the cult. One world, one global world order is the prescription of this censored movement.

The create one world, with one religion or belief, the enemies of this fantasy must first be eliminated in order to push the prescribed mindset through our imagination. To accomplish this, the brain must be fed with certain dogma’s and human engineering is the way to establish this protocol.

All the wars in the world are based on this illusion. The Old Testament describes a different point of view compared with the New Testament. The Jews themselves are convinced that they are the only people of God’s future Kingdom, and that the world will become theirs.

The New Testament, which describes all the human beings on Earth are God’s people is why the Jews and the rest of the world collide. Therefore all Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and other mindsets must be abolished in order to follow the biblical text of the Old Testament.

Without any compromise the Zionist movement on planet Earth captures the world by surprise eliminating all other open-minded discussion about the extremist topic. To rule the world, one must create confusion and disorder for the fascist ego to prevail.

Feminists, homosexuals and all other minorities are compared with this type of dilemma. These topics are used as bait for the opponents to chew on. A small example might shed more light on this statement. The Jews, which control the entire world and the people living in it, do not want it to have it any other way.

They preach that the world must be a social environment for the people to live in, but on the other hand Israel itself doesn’t develop what they preach. We must all except social engineering and tear down the walls that divide us into the abyss. The Israeli attitude is exactly the opposite of what the Zionists are building outside the Holy Land.

If the Zionist industry kills people all over the world, they are hailed as heroes, while if the attacked try to defend themselves, they are dubbed as terrorists.

This exactly why the world is on fire and the Americans are the good ones, and the Russians and Chinese are painted as the occult types of the celestial beings. The thing is that we ourselves created this precedent. The Romans forced the Jews to disconnect from each other by prohibiting them to participate in craftsmanship labor.

According to this census, the Jews were hereby forced to spread and live across the entire world, as they were forced to pick up trade and banking. Thanks to this historic development, the Jews now own all the world central banks (IMF) and are controlling all trade (WTO) and banking (World Bank) institutions around the globe.

Here is where fake news, fake food, fake law, fake governments and fake people come into the picture. If one does not understand the greater goods, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact origin and future destiny for human kind.

The American war mongers are the military puppets for the Zionist regime to expand their territory and control the world population. The Americans have three military complexes, the Navy, the Army and the Air Force, which all have ‘all the units necessary’ to invade, occupy and annex the global society.

With this overwhelming bundles of brute force, the world is dominated by these Jewish puppets. The press calls the American invasion the extended diplomacy between right and wrong. Killing the enslaved world population must go unnoticed and must be quick.

Nuclear and chemical wars, poisoned (GMO-protected) foods and other kinds of forms of global engineering are the tools for this covert (censored) plan to prevail. However, the New World Oder has run into certain bumps on their way to materialize this criminal incentive.

The Americans lure people into their trap, using Hollywood to create fashion and direct certain types of human behavior. This brainwashing process is backed up by commercials and a killing propaganda machine (American movies) in order for the human race to accept brutal murders, greed and false ego’s as ‘normal’.

According to texts from the bible, we have now landed in the last phase of human development. The last seven years of the world as we experience it have has started in 2016 and will end in the Masonic year of 2022 for the Apocalypse to evolve, called the final Armageddon.

One World / AA Magnum News 2017.


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