Violent protests have broken out in Washington after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Police arrested over 200 masked terrorists wearing helmets, while destroying properties in the capital.

Police intervened when organized ‘protestors’ began to smash windows, using hammers to destroy downtown businesses. Six police officers were injured during the violent clashes between security forces and opposition terrorists in Washington.

Most of the ‘peaceful’ demonstrators, were feminists, gays and black minority groups. These class of people were typical Clinton supporters and are protesting against the democratic victory, already used by the Zionist media to trash Trump for their invented situations even before he came into power?

The 45th President of the United States promised to give the country back to its rightful owners after the government proved incapable of saving the country from economic disaster. America’s infrastructure must be rebuilt. Bridges, highways, rail tracks, airport terminals and other public places have deteriorated because of structural poor maintenance.

Rebuilding America will create new jobs for the people, so families can sent their children to schools for education and live a better life, instead of paying taxes to support the corrupted government employees, that choked the US citizens into poverty.

Reuters / AA Magnum News 2017.


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