The evil operating U.S. supported coalition forces keep invading Syria to combat against President Assad’s government defense units and cause a historic genocide upon the Syrian Muslim and Christian people.

Rival forces in Syria race to the capital of Raqqa for the next major war campaign, which will turn into a massive confrontation between the Russian supported liberation forces and the Western supported terrorists in and around Raqqa.

The Euphrates River flow is going to be contended, entering from Turkey into Syria. The fresh water flow is important for the Syrian people to survive and guarantee their blood lines into the future. The agricultural land has been occupied by hostile brigades, in order to starve the Syrian civilians to death.

The holocaust is much worse than the Jewish experience in Europe during WW II. The only difference is that the evil outbreak is mainly focused on the deportation and assassination of the Syrian people. About an estimated 12 million victims have been bombed out of their villages and towns, while 500.000 people have been killed in the ongoing conflict.

The refugee crisis caused a massive exodus and civilian migration into Europe. About 5 million Syrians have been rounded up and held in Turkish, Jordanian and Lebanese concentration camps, waiting for the liberation of Syria, in order to return to their country.

The Pentagon has drawn a secret plan to assist the Zionist terrorist brigades operating in Syria. While Turkey has been ordered (and supported by NATO allies) to annex and occupy northern Syria, Israeli special forces are backing the Jabhat al-Nusra terror brigades operating in southern Syria. 

Israel has already invaded and annexed the Syrian Golan Heights cut off the water supplies delivered by the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee. The ongoing six-year-old war in Syria is organized to finish off, what the IDF had started just two decades after WW II.

While the UN holds peace talks in Geneva, American and Israeli air strikes are launched to back the Western hostile invasion on the ground. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are mixed into the formula to cause the deception presented by the Western media.

Now Syrian government forces, NATO allied Turkish troops and their U.S.-backed Syrian militias all have their eyes on Raqqa. However the supply lines of the invasive gangsters have been cut off, blocking the foreign terror brigades from enforcing their positions.

The hostile and evil Western forces in Syria are illegally operating without a UN Security Council mandate. For that reason massive war crimes are still being committed, while the world turns a blind eye and the media blames Assad for the ongoing bloodbath.

The Western forces even use depleted uranium in their ammunitions to pollute the Syrian landscape. Also chemical agents are being used to poison the Mesopotamian people living on the battlefield in the designated war zones.

The CIA supported terror group ISIS has occupied the Tigris & Euphrates river delta’s in Raqqa (Syria) and Mosul (Iraq) since January 2014. The U.S. military recently provided more armored vehicles to the U.S.-backed forces on the ground in Syria. Earlier ISIS used American built Humvees and Abram tanks to invade the occupied region.

In any case the battle for Raqqa is sure going to be a long, deadly and complicated encounter between the Syrian liberation coalition and the Western backed terrorist organizations to assist the Jews create their future greater Israel in the Mesopotamian Babylonian land of the Euphrates and Tigris.

AP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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