Two U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jets have crashed during a routine mission over the Atlantic Ocean.

The “in-flight-crash” took place on Thursday morning when the two new $57 million F-18 Super Hornets tumbled down into the sea off the coast of North Carolina. The four crew members were saved by using their parachute and were picked up by fishermen to be transported to the hospital.

The sea route, where the crash happened, was heavily traveled by ships entering and leaving Norfolk, which is one of the busiest cargo ports and one of the most important U.S. naval ports on the East Coast since 1917.

The new version of the F/A-18 military aircraft has a longer range and aerial refueling capability. The upgraded fighter jet is also an all weather fighter and more survivable and lethal attack aircraft that can operate from the 10 U.S. aircraft carriers.

The new advanced combat formula was implemented for the U.S. military to counter-act against the deployment of the dangerous and capable new Chinese “aircraft carrier killer” called the DF-21D supersonic (ASBN) missile that outranges any cruise missile and the flight range of F/A-18 war jets.

Press TV / AA edited News 2016.


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