In a statement from the Rockefeller Foundation, David Rockefeller has died at the age of 101.

Rockefeller was the last surviving grandson of John D. Rockefeller, who founded the Standard Oil Company in the 19th century and built a fortune that made him the first billionaire of the USA.

David Rockefeller was born in New York City on June 12, 1905. Rockefeller graduated from Harvard in 1936 and received a doctorate in economics from the University of Chicago in 1940. After WW II, he began climbing the ranks of management @ Chase Bank, that merged with the Manhattan Company in 1955.

In 1961, David Rockefeller was named the president of Chase Manhattan, and in 1969 he became the chief executive officer @ the New York bank, and retired in 1981. Since 2004, he was the family patriarch and the oldest living member of the Rockefeller family. He received 8 donor heart transplants to live over 100 years.

Rockefeller was described as one of the most influential figures in the history of American finance & banking, considered by many to be America’s last great international business statesman.

Rockefeller often spoke about the importance of American capitalism, which according to him brought more benefits to more people than any other system in any part of the world @ any time in history.

Rockefeller was one of the NWO planners, and referred to people as useless eaters. At the end, this guy was friends with everyone that wants us dead. David led an illuminated life of immorality, evil and treason, as a member of one of the 13 families or royal bloodlines that make up the Illuminati.

He is also believed to be the grandfather of the alleged homosexual from upstate New York, Mark Zuckerberg (real name : Jacob Greenberg) that founded Facebook, whose net worth is now estimated at $36 billion. Facebook is well-known for its most recent bans/blocking/censorship policies to keep the world @ bay and more importantly misinformed.

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