Amnesty International reported that the Syrian government in Damascus hanged 13.000 terrorrists for committing war crimes against humanity and slaughtering the Syrian population ‘fighting’ on western payrolls.

Those figures are comparable to battlefield deaths in Aleppo, where the Syrian government granted amnesty to ten thousands of other terrorists that called themselves freedom fighters. In one of the fiercest battle zones in Syria, 21.000 people were killed across the province since the hostile occupation started in 2011.

Before liberating Aleppo from the hostile terrorists organizations, a human corridor was established for civilians and terrorist families to leave and escape the battle zone. The Syrian government pardoned thousands of western covert soldiers before retaking Aleppo.

According to the findings of Amnesty International, prisoners of war (POW) were told they would be transferred to civilian detention centers, but instead were taken to another building to be hanged after being sentenced to death by Syrian military officials.

A former detainee, who spend nine months in Saydnaya prison in Damascus said he witnessed and experienced the holocaust, speaking from Stockholm, Sweden via Skype. Omar Alshogre said guards would come to his cell and call out detainees by name, before being driven away in a vehicle and executed after a short military trail.

Alshogre, who at the age of 17, was moved among 10 different detention facilities in Syria before he was taken to Saydyana, where he spent nine months before being released on bail and fled the war zone to Europe. At his trial a judge asked him how many Syrian he killed. After he said, none, the judge spared his life before he was released.

According to a Syrian Network for Human Rights, between 500 and 2.000 civilians are killed every month in the Syrian War. Since Russia intervened a drove out ISIS and other foreign supported terrorist groups, the death toll has come down and Syrian people are starting to move back to their homes and villages or what’s left of it.

The number of War Crimes committed by foreign brigades are difficult to describe. But reliable sources revealed nearly 500.000 people have lost their lives in Syria, while 14 million have been displaced or deported by foreign agencies.

AP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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