Since the Caribbean island of Aruba, which lies along the coast of Venezuela, established its semi-autonomous status, thanks to Betico Croes, AVP experienced a historical defeat at the hands of the local voters.

AVP still has 9 seats, but lost 4 seats during the 2017 elections to its arch rival MEP. Out of the 21 available seats, MEP also registered 9 seats and are ready to take part in the formation of a new government.

The voters massively turned their backs on AVP, after various corruption scandals, including structural mismanagement issues while governing the island of Aruba. MEP took advantage of the problems and filtered 2 seats away from their rivals, while POR also cashed in 2 seats in order to keep their politicians posted.

The last available seat went to RED, who strongly resides to legalize Cannabis in order to combat crime, reduce police tasks and therefore make tourism more lucrative. MEP front-runner, Evelyn Wever-Croes played a big role regarding the success during 2017 election process.

Aruba has its own autonomy, but the Dutch politicians still control the islands military defenses and legal justice system. The USA has its customs officers working at the local airport for travelers flying from and into the USA. / AA-Magnum Analyst Blog-Site News 2017.


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