The Dutch ABC-Islands in the southern Caribbean are trying to stop the invasion of Venezuelans pouring into the corrupted islands.

Most of the economic refugees end up working in the construction and hotel sector as cheap labor forces. Some call it modern slavery, but the Venezuelan refugee crisis is not a choice, kind of like why Mexicans are flowing into the USA.

The customs, coast guards and other immigration forces can not stop the human migration. Last month 20 Venezuelans were arrested as they were trying to sneak into Curacao, using a small boat just like Cubans did when rafting to make their way to Florida.

Venezuela is less that 20 miles away from the Dutch oil-rich territory, so it has become the route of choice for hundreds trying to flee the economically sanctioned (causing a 700% projected inflation for 2016) and politically stressed nation. Also the street crime has gone up due to a shortage of dollars.

President Nicolas Maduro almost has his hands tied to his back, but the socialist leader is not giving up against the organized crime committed against the boycotted South American Bolivarian Republic.

Curacao now requires any Venezuelan entering the island to carry at least $300 in cash, which is virtually impossible, because the IMF promotes the black market trade, while prohibiting the government in Caracas to trade in dollars, as part of the economic sanctions.

The Washington politicians decided to boycott all Chavista style Venezuelan government officials from doing business and/or represent the country abroad. Without money and without representatives any nation goes bankrupt. Since Chavez took power in 1999, about 1.8 million capitalists Venezuelans left the country.

In neighboring Aruba some people are asking the government to start demanding a visa to all Venezuelans. Holding hotel reservations is a discriminatory measure, but having a return ticket is the weapon of choice for the ones entering Venezuela through official channels.

The human exodus can be easily absorbed by the islands, as they are well known as the 500-years old most efficient smuggling hub, for goods and people to flow into the rest of the Caribbean, Europe and the USA. This is the way cocaine smugglers established their high valued trade network into the rest of the world.

The Red Cross in Curacao announced that they were working on a contingency plan, to deal with the flow of refugees, but expressed concern, because they said the country simply doesn’t have the resources to deal with the amount of economic refugees pouring in from Venezuela.

The top-3 countries receiving Venezuelan exiles are currently Spain, Colombia and the USA. The human-trade is the most lucrative business in the world. Fox Latino has been able to find Venezuelans living in all five continents in @ least 96 countries.

Fox-Latino / AA-Magnum-News 2016.


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