Taxation is supposed to be a useful tool in which to enhance life within any country, given if its revenues are effectively utilized to improve citizens welfare and the achievement of goals to develop its infrastructure!

But as necessary as it is for any government to impose taxes on its people, the burden of taxation is a concern nonetheless for foreign and domestic individuals and entities alike who must pay them.

Many of those listed are “bracketed” tax rates, wherein the wealthiest of citizens are required to pay the most on their earnings. In such cases, those making lower wages have a smaller percentage deducted.

With its 59% income tax rate, Aruba currently has the world’s highest income tax rate, as a constituent member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Additionally, its citizens earn the income of all places in the Caribbean!

The Motherland on its turn, which is globally known for its major shipping ports and a productive floriculture sector, the Netherlands stands in the world’s 4th position with a total tax rate of 52% on per capita income.

The other two of the Caribbean ABC-Islands, Curacao & Bonaire, tax rules were set up to counter different goals and conditions. To improve the tourist development, Bonaire has created profit & import exemptions, so foreign agencies could invest and create an advantage to develop with foreign investment funds.

While the island of Curacao offers the “tourism sector investors” a free ride to maximize business profits, leaving the impoverished sabotaged population to pay the development costs for the needed infrastructure of the alienated sector, in order to benefit the most in comparison with its Christian-minded citizens.

Tax-holidays have become part of this structure, for money-laundering invasion to take place. For this reason, crime rates have also gone up, as wages were frozen over the years to depress the local community. Also building in legally protected environments have become a trend to goggle up the maximum profits to please the corrupted development deception.

The so-called “Room Occupancy Taxes” for vacation rental apartments, hotels & resorts in Curacao were redirected to the Curacao Tourism Bureau (CTB) for it to be used to enhance the tax evading tourist industry, instead of flowing into the pockets of the local tax collector, in order to improve employment life quality of the local vampired community.

The unequal devised Dutch-styled educational system, and other publicly supported amenities come @ a price for the people living at the beautiful island of Curacao. Unemployment rates a reaching almost 40%!

Further more the worldwide tourism sector has one of the highest Carbon Footprints on out planet!

World Economic Forum / Crickey Conservation Society.


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