Arctic Ocean


As the North Pole ice levels have diminished with 11% over the last decade, new possible trade routes emerge. This pristine habitat of the polar bear and reindeer are to be disturbed by humans, based on commercial greed and higher business profits.

Untapped mineral wealth, such as oil, copper, cobalt, zinc and gold are to be exploited for future development. Wildlife conservationists can’t believe their ears. After having destructed all living habitats on our planet, the place left over is being targeted for commerce? We humans are proved 2B self-destructive alright.

Shipping routes between Europe and Asia are cut short when the arctic shipping lanes open. At the moment only Sweden, Norway, Russia and Canada have ships that can explore the arctic.

But military shipyards are building more ice breakers and submarines to control these water passages.

Norway has already launched a new warship that can dominate the northern ice lanes. The Russians are having military naval exercises to in the Kara Sea next to the Barents Sea. Submarines and 7000 sailors take part in these manoeuvres.

iNews – Black Hole Zoo Media.


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