Every year, April 1 marks the first day of the New Year of a civilization that deeply valued the contact with nature. The New Year Holiday is celebrated in accordance with the old Assyrian/Babylonian/ Syrian calendar.

The Festival is knows as Akitu, which in linguistic terms refers to the date of sowing and harvesting of wheat. On this day the life cycle gets renewed in nature through the Spring Equinox. 

This is the oldest known celebration on planet Earth, which started 4.750 years before the birth of Christ. Now the territories in Iraq and Syria are destroyed by the US coalition forces, to make place for the biblical inspired future Greater Israel. 

All of Syria’s 6 most important UNESCO Heritage sites have been bombed by hostile coalition air strikes over the past years. The reason for destroying these historical sites can never be approved by the world community.

However, nobody seems to pay any attention to the war crimes being committed, in order for the instigators to sent scavengers to lute the “UN protected sites” and sell the stolen artifacts to the Museums around the world.

These Zionist run evil entities support ISIS to create the ethnic cleansing project as part of the human engineering agenda, that is directly attached to the WW III. Millions of Muslims and Christians have been murdered, while ten of millions have been deported and displaced.

This form of organized crime is a bloody shame on the records of modern and ancient humanity, as is the “complete destruction” of the Syrian Arab Republic’s agricultural infrastructure and urban development projects.

The feast of the Atiku is the oldest festival, recorded in the history of the Middle East, and the early references go back to the ancient city of Uru, where Akitu was especially reserved for the Sumerian Moon God Nanna.

In the time of the Babylonians, Akitu was considered an important religious celebration, marking the Triumph of Storm God Marduk against the creator Goddess (and dragoness) Tiamat to create Heaven and Earth.

Celebrating the time in which the Gods choose the city that would become their permanent residence. As such, the House of Akitu has to be protected from that moment until the end of the Universe. His visit marked as the celebration of Peace, Love & Sharing of Wealth, which will enable the people’s of Mesopotamia to survive.

Fort Russ / AA Magnum News 2017.


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