The Australian government finally admitted that the allegations against Russia over the MH-17 crash in Ukraine disaster are baseless.

Because the Australians have decided there is “no case for a terrorist act” to justify compensating their own citizens, the Ukrainians have already lost their case.

The Australian government refuses to declare the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 a terrorist act, and is withholding state payments of $75.000 to each of the families of the 38 Australian resisdents killed when the Boeing-777 was shot down in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

The Australian Attorney General declared that there is insufficient evidence of what and who caused the MH-17 crash to meet the Australian statutory test of a terrorist act. Because of baseless former allegations Russia was wrongfully subjected to international sanctions, to which Australia was a part.

However the criminal investigation of MH-17 will continue, the outcomes of this investigation could be relevant in determining, whether this accident should be declared valid for the purposes of the Australian Victims of Terrorism Overseas Act and connecting payment scheme.

The Australian decision that the MH-17 disaster is not a terrorist act undermines this month’s proceeding s in the Netherlands, where the Kiev-junta has applied to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, to convict Russia for financing, arming and aiding terrorist act, including the destruction of the MH-17.

At the time of the “now proven” false accusations, Australia and NATO had prepared the justification to launch a military operation, blaming Russian state terrorism in downing the MH-17, as the Australian PM, Turnball presented a false flag scheme to send 3.000 Australian troops to join Dutch and other NATO forces in a US-backed military operation in eastern Ukraine.

Later in two Australian coroners-court hearings, the AFP had revealed serious reservations about the Dutch evidence and Ukrainian claims in the partially censored MH-17 investigation.

Russia Insider / AA Magnum-News 2017.


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