The Iraqi government in Baghdad has condemned Turkish-NATO air strikes on Kurdish autonomous regions in northern Iraq. Iraq called the hostile move a violation of international law and the Iraqi sovereignty.

The American president, Trump sold Turkey US approval to attack Iraq, however th government in Baghdad warned Turkey against repeating such measures.

Turkish air strikes in northern Iraq are affecting the efforts of Iraq and the international community in the war against terrorism. The Iraqi PM, Haider al-Abadi declared that Turkish air strikes around Mosul, are in clear violation of international treaties.

Iraq will try to condemn Turkish invasion of Iraq through legal and diplomatic means. The Turkish Army targeted positions of PKK in Sinjar district in northern Iraq. Turkey also targeted positions of Kurds in Syria lately.

The ongoing wars in Iraq and Syria are all about oil- and water resources. In order to get a hold on those important assets, the US-coalition commits war crimes since the first Gulf War, which killed millions of civilians in the process. In Syria alone the collateral damage is estimated @ $500 billion. / AA Magnum News 2017.


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