The crazy popular battle royale shooter has just surpassed Dota 2 to become the most concurrently played game ever on Steam. With a total of 1,305,536 concurrent player it has surpassed the previous Dota 2 record of 1,291,328 concurrent players. The new record is also partly due to the shrinking popularity of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. Battlegrounds is developed by South Korean developer ‘Blue Hole’ using Unreal Engine 4. The battle royale game mode is relatively new, it was first created as a mod for Arma 3 and later turned into a standalone game called Battlegrounds.

Battlegrounds is an arena type shooter in which you have fight against 100 other players to win, and only one person can win each match. At the start of the game you enter a lobby with 100 random people, afterwards you are air dropped over an island with many towns and buildings, by scavenging these towns you can acquire the necessary weapons and loot to take down your opponents. Only one player can win and the shrinking circle or ‘playzone’ decides where the game will end, if you do not stay in the playzone you slowly bleed out. Due to the random playzone the game requires an abnormal amount of luck, even the best players have a maximum of 24% chance of winning each game, this is because you can get flanked from multiple directions trying to get in the playzone or simply trying to find a better spot. Shooting a player on sight is not recommended because you reveal your location to said player and any other player in the surrounding area.

The game has already surpassed 11 million copies sold with still no slowing in sight.

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