Since the first Bilderberg conference meeting in 1954 in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands the world top elite gather systematicly to plan their mutual goals and defend their assets. The west desperately attemps to spin the Syrian crisis and that’s where Russia seems to hold the key. The Dutch Queen from the Netherlands also attended the meeting in Chantilly.

The Syrian regime change was a priority on the Bilderberg agenda. Bilderberg conferences are notorious for their secretive nature. While there are no votes and the atmosphere is informal, participants are not supposed to talk about discussions or other members.

The China crisis will be tackled differently where Panetta wants more US military acces to Vietnam harbours. The South China sea loaded with petroleum is the joker in the debate. China claims it as entirely it’s own, but Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines also have territorial claims there.

iNews – AA 2002 / Prison Planet


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