The only public helicopter service for Curacao, Blue Skies has stopped its operations due to a lack of income, combined with flying and landing at illegal areas on the tropical island in the Caribbean.

The infamous helicopter service, Blue Skies on the island of Curacao was operating without a permit, according to the conservation society of Crickey Amigu di Natura.

To cover up their corrupted policy, the German-based entity declared itself bankrupt and closed its doors to the public. The helicopter service was landing illegally @ Chogogo, Boase and other locations on the Dutch Caribbean Island along the coast of Venezuela.

The organization was also renting cars to beef up its income, but at the end the marketing efforts proved to be weak and impropriate. Crickey asked the Department of Aviation if the company had a license to land at mentioned locations, but after months of radio silence, the government was not convinced that it could show the needed permit to operate the lucrative tourist service.

The website of the bankrupted company is down and all (rental) reservations are obviously cancelled. At first the organization tried to work out a deal with the local police force to assist them in counter drugs smuggling operations, but @ the end that did not work out so well.

Blue Skies charged $800 for a 15 minute ride to view the island from above. Because of the lucrative drug trade, their service was not in line with the local protocols. Flying tourists around in the skies of Curacao faced a surprise conclusion to the covert militant cell.

The hostile tourist industry invasion did not improve the life quality for the local people. Instead crime rates have gone up, education got derailed, salaries were frozen, while the coast of living has gone up. The tourism industry does not contribute to the local tax-collector. Instead large sums of money are laundered away to off-shore accounts.

AA Magnum News 2017.


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