Lithium battery cells are expensive, challeging and time consuming to develop. And they can be hard to get right, as the current woes of A-123 systems show. Even the large companies that develop their own cells-Toyota is the largest among a small number-want to spread their cost. Today BMW announced that it would collaborate with Toyota on research into future cells, and the two companies had already begun that research. The cells will likely be used in future electric cars, hybrids and other low-or zero emission vehicles.

iNews – CAdN 2006.

BMW en Toyota gaan hun krachten bundelen om samen de ontwikkelingskosten van lithium batterijen te delen. Het ontwikkelen van deze type batterijen is kostbaar, uitdagend en tijdrovend. De technology zal later toegepast worden in toekomstige elctrische auto’s, hybrids en andere lage- of nul emissie voertuigen.

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