The Bolivian government decided to expel Coca-Cola and McDonald’s in oder to save the country’s culture and health against the evil capitalist invasion. 

La Paz wants peace and prosperity to thrive among its citizens, instead of selling them out to greedy capitalists that are ordered to destroy the country’s health and culture, for the Pharmaceuticals to take over the government policies, under the disguise of ‘improving’ public health.

Bolivia announced the symbolic rejection of US Capitalism from the country at the end of the Mayan Calender. This will mark the end of capitalism, egoism and division on December 21.

Bolivian FM, David Choquehuanca encouraged the people to drink a peach flavored soft drink, called Mocochinche as alternative to ‘the poisonous’ Coca-Cola. The reason to expel Coca-Cola from Bolivia is the use of dangerous ingredients that profile the product. The toxic beverage causes brain diseases, cancer and cardiac attacks.

Bolivia follows the well-balanced health policies used in Cuba to avoid serious health issues among its citizens. Bolivia has become the second Latin American country not to have a single McDonald’s outlet. The fast-food giant finally gave up on Bolivia after being unable to turn a profit for over a decade.

“McFailure” came to the conclusion that it was not their food that was the issue, but the culturally driven boycott. Bolivian president, Evo Morales has a reputation for controversial policies similar to the Coca-Cola ban. Instead Morales pledged to legalize the consumption of coca-leaves, which used to one of the basic ingredients of Coca-Cola.

The coca-leaf was declared an illegal narcotic by the UN in 1961, along with cocaine, morphine and opium. Only the pharmacies now have ‘permission’ to trade and make profit with those banned products.

The consumption of coca leaves is a centuries old tradition in Bolivia, strongly rooted in the beliefs of various indigenous groups.

Misterio Mundial / AA Magnum News 2017.


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