The Dutch Caribbean, ABC Islands are used by gangsters, to traffic cocaine from South America to Europe and other locations in the world, and also profit from the human trade and money laundering trade businesses.

The accountants cook the books in order to cover up the crimes being committed. Being a police officer on the island of Bonaire was never thought to be an easy job. Since the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands took over the governments on three of the six islands, interests have been colliding among the players and the legality in the field.

On August 17, Dutch police officer, Ferry Bakx got fatally wounded after responding to a burglary call in Sabadeco. The 5 suspects that were involved and arrested in the robbery crime today are reported to have the Venezuelan nationality.

About 8 different kind of police departments, including the Coast Guard and police departments from Bonaire and Curaçao helped to identify the suspects. Arms and legs will be twisted to undercover and direct the guilty in this project.

Ferry Bakx served as a police officer in Bonaire since January 2013. On August, his corps was flown back with KLM to the Netherlands in a bodybag to be buried in Holland.

The Dutch Caribbean Islands have seen numerous deadly assaults on judges (Aruba-Nataly Holloway Case File), politicians (Curacao-Helmin Wiels) and policemen (Bonaire). All suspects and witnesses in these cases, are found death and buried at Dutch graveyards, in the Caribbean or the Netherlands.

Especially the turf wars between the Italian and Turkish mobsters are exposed in the cocaine and money laundering business. However most of the players in the field are protected by the DEA, which has proven to be a corrupted American organization that has cart blanche in both making and breaking the rules of the law.

Double standards are the main source of building blocks, supporting capitalism and other crimes connected to the money business involved. In Bonaire the victims accused of being-cop killers have been rounded up. After committing the crime, the 5 suspected Venezuelans enjoyed a well earned two week vacation in Bonaire before getting arrested.

Bonaire / AA Magnum News 2016.


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