The Brazilian president from Lebanese descent, who is embroiled in a massive corruption scandal, has seen his popularity drop to an abysmal three percent, a recent poll shows.

A total of 2,000 residents of 126 Brazilian cities were surveyed September 15-20. A separate poll by CNT/MDA from September 19 found 3.4 percent support for Temer, the most unpopular Brazilian leader since the 1964-1985 dictatorship. In fact he as former vice-president, ousted Dilma Rousseff to take over her position.

The latest charges involve Temer’s alleged agreement to pay hush money to keep a jailed politician from testifying and his leadership of a group in Congress that took millions of dollars in bribes from companies seeking state contracts.

Temer already defeated a first charge of bribe-taking when the lower house overwhelmingly voted against a trial in August. Analysts say he now has at least a strong majority to combat the new charges.

However, the scandal has weakened Temer’s ability to pass fascist austerity reforms, particularly a tightening of the country’s generous pension system.

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