The Brazilian vice-president Michel Temer, is a son of Lebanese immigrants and longtime supporter of Brazilian Jews.

After President Dilma Rousseff was suspended for 180 days as part of an ongoing impeachment process, vice-president Temer, as the replacement, immediately appointed Israeli-born economist, Ilan Goldfajn as the new president of Brazil’s central bank, which controls all the money flows of the South American Portuguese speaking country.

The political hoax started after Brazil refused to accept the appointment of a former West Bank settler leader, Dani Dayan as ambassador to Brasilia. The interruption of a mandate is not something to celebrate.

Michel Temer is 75 years old and the son of Maronite Lebanese immigrants from Btaaboura, neighboring the capital Tripoli in northern Lebanon in the 1920’s.

He also appointed another longtime friend of the Jewish community, Jose Serra to be the new foreign affair chief or better said Minister of Foreign Relations. Now U.S. pushed new terror laws can be established to favor the Summer Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Temer heads Brazil’s largest party PMDB, which announced its rupture with the Rousseff government, contributing to the political impeachment.

Nearly 5% of Brazil’s population, estimated @ 10 million, is part of the large Lebanese community living on the other side of the planet. The population of Lebanon itself only has 5 million people living in the Middle East.

The political coupe was established with the help of the CIA and some U.S. politicians, in order to tear down and disconnect Brazil’s established membership with the BRICS (Brazil/Russia/India/China/South-Africa) economic bloc.

Rousseff was shuffled aside by false accusations that are still under investigation, while dozens of Temer’s group of politicians are indicted for criminal offenses in Brazil.

The coup was plotted by Israel and the U.S. to control Brazil money flows and establish a Jewish power bloc to break down the governments socialist commitment to the people of Brazil.

Time of / AA edited News 2016.


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