The UK media reported this week, that London has ordered the HMS Diamond destroyer would be sailing to the Black Sea, in an attempt to support the 650 commanding British military officers currently involved fighting the NATO-war in Ukraine.

Defense Secretary Micheal Fallon called the deployment of the Daring-class destroyer, equipped with Sea Viper anti-aircraft missiles, a clear message that the UK is committed ‘to defending democracy’, through aggression across the world.

The decision comes after US president Trump, that NATO’s European members will have to pick up the slack and attempt to replace the American presence with their own. NATO is constantly moving its war ships around the Black Sea, first American destroyers, then British ones to support the secret war in Ukraine.

According to a veteran Captain of the Soviet Navy the deployment does not present any major threat to the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The HMS Diamond is inferior to the US destroyers and the British have no Tomahawk missiles @ their disposal.  The ship is mainly tasked with anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare.

The HMS Diamond can easily be neutralized by Russian forces, first a foremost by the missile cruiser Moskva, which has an anti-ship striking range of 500 km, allowing it to strike without even leaving the base. The British warship can also be destroyed by Su-34’s equipped with Kh-35 anti-ship missiles.

NATO is committing war crimes in Ukraine as well as in Syria, but the corrupted Western press informs the public differently in an attempt to cover up its warmonger attitude.

It’s military forces are too weak to combat straight forward, so its uses covert terrorist operations to fill in the empty gab, in order to continue the ethnic cleansing programs all over the world, called human engineering. The HMS Diamond entered the Black Sea on April 24, 2017.

AFP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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