The Sultan of Brunei, Darussalam Hassanal Bolkiah, values the warm and friendly development ties with Russia, in the spheres of trade, energy & defense over the last 25 years.

Russia is an important partner to Brunei and both countries value the continues efforts to strengthen and expand in various traditional spheres like energy, education & cultural exchanges.

Brunei and Russia also work together in regional and international cooperation. The Sultan also very much values the personal relationship developed with president Vladimir Putin.

The bilateral relations between both countries are identifying ways to increase mutual beneficial cooperation such as in defense, information technology and culture.

The Sultan was grateful that over the past 50 years peace and stability have prevailed in Brunei. This has laid the foundation for Brunei’s future and development. The best achievement are the ones that have contributed to the improvement the life quality of the Bruneian citizens.

This includes safeguarding Brunei sovereignty and security for its economic development, expanding its domestic welfare projects and strengthening its foreign relations.

The Asian country has also ensured that education is accessible to all its citizens to help them prepare for employment and success in a competitive and knowledge bases global economy. Education has also led to more opportunities for women to work in public and private sectors.

The government of Brunei collects no tax incomes and every citizen has access to free education and healthcare as well as all old age pensions and decent housing.

Brunei Muslim community is blessed with substantial energy resources and commodities, which allows the country to carry this out. Good governance and transparency to ensure equitable development and progress in the country.

TASS / AA Magnum News 2017.


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