Henrique Capriles, governor of Miranda said that the opposition’s priorities must now deal with the economic crisis to avoid a ‘social explosion’.

The economic sanctions by the IMF and the USA have driven the richest oil country in the world towards bankruptcy. Together with the crashed oil prices ($110>$40), the government in Caracas has fallen into the hands of loan sharks that seek ‘oil’ collateral in exchange.

Jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez wants to oust Maduro as his number one priority on his political agenda. The economy comes in second place, while Venezuelans are robbed from top to bottom by extremist U.S. coalition vultures.

Colombia steals the subsidized foods out of the Venezuelan supermarkets to sell the ‘life-line’ products for profit in Colombia. With the USA choking Caracas at the throat, the Colombian allies confiscate first aid foods through CIA-supported networks.

Former presidential candidate Capriles made it clear that Maduro can not be a priority at a point in time Venezuelan families are surviving to escape starvation. The IMF must start to withdraw its sanctions that derailed the currency market, so the government can be able to buy U.S. dollars again in order to improve the trade situation.

Leopoldo Lopez was sentenced to 14-years in jail for arson, incitement and criminal association as a result of violence that left many people dead at the end of a protest march Lopez lead as part of “The Solution” in 2014. The Solution left 43 people dead in the first half of 2014.

U.S. puppet Lopez wants to confront the Venezuelan socialist government, calling Maduro a dictator. He must go out before the U.S. supported ‘new regime’ can share the future oil profits with Western oil giants, instead of sharing these with the people of the South American OPEC-member country.

Fox News Latino / AA edited News 2015.


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