Since the start of the industrial revolution carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by 30%.

The Construction industry is one of the leading polluters in the UK, while the Tourism sector in the Caribbean tops the lists of air and environment pollution.

According to the UK Green Building Council, energy from fossil fuels consumed in construction and operation of building accounts for approximately half of the UK’s emissions of carbon dioxide.

So, in other words reflected, the construction and maintenance of buildings and other structures is responsible for around half of UK Carbon Dioxide Emissions. Construction and sustainable development can be accomplished, and must come from renewables.

Housing alone generates 27% of UK emissions, of which 73% is used for space and water heating. Around 10% of the UK emissions are associated with the manufacture and transport of construction materials and the construction process.

For many people reading this air travel is their most serious environmental sin. One round-trip from New York to Europe creates a warming effect equivalent to 2-3 tons of Carbon dioxide. The average Carbon Footprint for a 9-hour flight, equivalent to 9.000 km, generates 1 kilo of carbon dioxide per traveled mile.

The average American generates about 19 tons of carbon dioxide per year, while the average European, 10 tons. European power plants & manufacturers pay fees if they produce excess carbon emissions. 

When the Europeans introduced fees for the aviation sector for emissions generated by flights into or out of EU-airports. Governments in the USA, India and China went ballistic. Most of the tourism sector relies on aviation to get their accomplishes realized.

Though air travel emissions now account for nearly 10% of global warming, that fraction is projected to rise significantly since the volume of travel is increasing much faster than gains in flight-fuel efficiency. Also the carbon emissions from most other sectors are declining.

People biggest carbon sin may be air travel.

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