The worldwide cattle industry is destroying our planet’s habitat, including rain forests and wildlife. Large swaths of the Amazon rain forest is being cut down to replace with cattle farming for the world to munch on.

In Africa the cattle farms sabotage the wildlife treks by blocking the historical migration routes with wired fences and force the farmers to shoot down lion prides that are forced to feed on the cattle industry that stole their habitat.

Cutting down the Amazon and Congo rain forests, which represent the lungs of mother earth, is a crime against wildlife and humanity. The rainforest absorb large part of the carbon emissions, only to replace with the 20 times more deadly methane gas the cattle produces.

Blocking and fencing of the traditional African wildlife routes is another crime being committed by the capitalist industry, that trades blood and global emissions for money to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The institutions that have to project our planet are turning a blind eye and censor the horrific development are forced to participate or to be eliminated from the spectrum.

The African elephant tusk trade is being stimulated by the people in charge by burning captured tusks (@$40k per tusk), instead on dumping them on the market to let the tusk prices collapse and automatically stop the lucrative business opportunity.

In is hard to believe that certain evil entities on planet Earth dare to purposely destroy the life on our planet in exchange for paper money, and let the media lie about to cover up their corrupted crimes committed.

Cattle ranching now covers nearly 80% of deforested Amazon land.

WWF / Crickey Conservation Society.


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