Most of the time charity is used to extract money from the so-called middle class, in order to boost their simple minds and empty ego, and to turn their reputation into something substantial.

Charities never spent the collected money on the mentioned issues, but relocate the funds to the accounts of NGO’s owned by the upper class. Investigation has shown that maybe 20% of the money might reach their goals. Most of the income goes to the operational costs of the shady entities.

The world we live in nowadays is part of a large deception, combined and backed up with fake news. Wars are organized to create poverty and distress for the middle class to be sucked into the pyramid Ponzi-style scheme.

In order to create the illusion that governments and people care about the ones living in distress, charity events flourish as never shown before. At the same time the people who make money for a living can show their environment how good they actually are. They care and support impoverished people in the same way the elite does, by taking away their money.

Money makes the world go round, and greed tops off the lists of this particular way of doing business. The good, the bad and the ugly carry no principles except for cheating their spirits into eternity and fake hope.

As a result the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, the ones in between have the illusion that they fit into the flow of puppets by spending their enslaved capital to charities, the general tax collector or fake luxury products. The name of the game is to buy new products over and over again, so they can walk in line with the fake society.

In the end the poor people cherish their lives in a better way, contributing to their immediate surroundings in order to have real friends and relationships based upon common interests, instead of fake ego’s that can not even polish their own shoes nor have the time to talk to their friends in society, because the rich must spent almost their entire life protecting their spiritless assets for others to profit from.

Living without moral values leads to fake charity, compromised by the deceptive tool to comfort the useless eaters.

One World One Planet / Crickey Conservation Society.



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