China has the leverage to kill the petrodollar and is greatly irritated by the requirements to use US dollars in payment for crude oil in the global market. However, the development is not well covered in the financial press, or not even in the alternative media.

The effect of dethroning the mighty US dollar will be far-reaching and likely devastating, but it will happen, it’s just matter of time. At the moment the global currency reserve status for the US dollar is at severe risk. Such is folly to imagine as it is likely to occur.

However the Western bankers are expert @ rigging the financial markets, while the US government is hanging onto its power base in increased isolation. The assaults against its hegemony are on many flanks and platforms.

In 1973, Rockefeller’s puppet, Kissinger struck a deal in the wake of the abrogated Bretton-Woods Gold Standard, which Nixon violated with force and audacity. The other issue concerning the petrodollar de facto standard treaty is that the Saudi’s would exclusively buy US military hardware. In turn, the US government would provide them with plenty of regional conflict.

However, as a result, most Saudi bond holdings have been hijacked and stolen, used as the core fabrication to the US treasury’s vaunted Exchange Stabilization Fund. This fund is the most secretive multi-trillion fund in human history. The Saudi’s will never see at least $3 trillion in sequestered funds.

The time has come for the US horror show to end once and for all, in order to relieve the world from the Zionist abuse.

Russia-Insider / AA-Magnum Blog-News 2017.


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