China’s conventional missile capabilities allow the People’s Republic to pose a serious challenge to the US dominance in the Pacific region. Washington has no alternative but to take this in consideration.

According to Pentagon estimates, China possesses 1.200 short-range missiles (300-1000 km), 300 conventional medium-range missiles (1000-3000 km) and 300 ground-launched cruise missiles (+1500 km). If these assumptions are true, this indicates that Beijing is capable of taking US forces in the Asia-Pacific region out of play.

China’s missile forces are growing in size and now consists about 100.000 military personnel, which is roughly ten times that of the US primary ballistic missile force, the US 20th Air Force. Active US military interventions involve Taiwan and the disputed Diaoyu islands, annexed by Japan.

On any given day if the USA pushes to far, there is a very real possibility of retaliatory missile strikes against US bases in the Pacific region. The Americans might take this factor in consideration and reduce the level of claims for military and political hegemony in the Pacific.

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