The CAdN foundation “to establish a non corrupt society” was incorporated in 2006. Since than the foundation has been a target for all illegal developers in Curacao. Compromising websites and email accounts, terrorizing life quality, steeling money and properties are some of the (CIA) methods being applied.

With a army of jobless citizens and a force of corrupt entrepreneurs the criminal actions are financed by drugs- and gambling money. The basic human rights are purposely being violated, the police and OM cannot or dare to interfere in matters.

Like the “Bientu” case “all involved” handle issues as pleased. It has no added value to hold the government responsable, as the law biting citizens and taxpayers eventually have to compensate for the economical a damage and humanitarian malpractice.

Resorts at Jan Thiel are part of Zionist movement, extracting funds and properties from society in order to colonize a racsist and exceptionist ideology that leads to violence, corrupt development and economical based eco-terrorism.

iNews – CAdN 2012.


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