The culture of Curacao sometimes seems better than the Sicilian maffia structures. Many wifes and various kids are some of the ingredients being attached to the business of crime. Most people have no clue of what is happening around them in their lives. A lot people think they know are dreaming their live instead of living the dream. Crime rings on Curacao control the complete society. Like Uncle Sam controls your financial life, the mob also controls your sexlife.

The favorite pass time of the organized crime is intimidation and prostitution. Every real man once need to topple a prostitute in life is their slogan. The jobless rate on the Dutch Caribbean Island is so high that these victims can easily be used to spy on their fellow citizens. Once a profile is established a follow up is in the making. Meaning that the next step into the darkness will be pleasantly forced to take. Once gripped the tangles will never let go and your life will be decided by coincidence and mental rape. Organized crime will decide who you marry, where and for who you work and how your money will be spend.

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