In today’s Cuba, people live better than most of the other semi-indigenous residents in the Caribbean basin. Their currency system is stable, emphatically ignoring Washington.

Raul Castro is a wonderful person, but in fact he is a military man, which needs to protect Cuba from a American invasion. For that matter he does not care about the so-called economic reform pushed upon by Western capitalist entities.

For now the government in Havana faces other important objectives, after all Castro understands that the USA has not been able to break Cuba since the time of Kennedy. However, in the fall of this year two Russian MP’s suggested rebuilding a radar-station in Cuba.

Russia has had a base in Cuba before, but everything was wrapped up during Yeltsin’s presidency. Now, it is important for Moscow to respond to NATO’s military build up near Russian borders. An early defense warning system could help Russia deter a possible ICBM attack launched from the American mainland.

Russia’s strategic forces should be deployed in a way not to let the American’s attack Russia first! With China supporting Cuba economically, including helping funding renewable energy projects, Russia has always been prepared to help Cuba militarily.

At the moment American tourists are systematically invading Cuba in an attempt to enslave their economy and make them dependent on the US dollar and all its capitalist strings attached. As long as Castro is in power there is not much to be expected to change under the Caribbean sun.

Pravda / AA Magnum News 2017.


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