The Curacao Health Department confirmed an alarming explosion of AIDS victims on the Dutch Caribbean island situated along the coastline of Venezuela.

Health officials based the AIDS figures outcome on public records presented by the GGD. Foundation “Famia Plania” shows extreme concern about the results, because especially school children are involved in the AIDS epidemic.

Curacao is well known for its sex tourism, which are exploiting young Latin American prostitutes working as sex slaves for the crime industry. Drugs abuse and gambling are the pillars for the economy, connecting the tourism sector with alcohol abuse and lavish sex parties.

Hundreds of people die as the results of AIDS every year, although the public records are mostly censored to protect the income of the booming tourism industry. Curacao is a haven for crime rings that feed on poverty in disguise.

A former DEA report confirmed these shocking statements and listed Curacao in the global top-5 for sleeping terror cells, money laundering and the lucrative weapons trade, while Willemstad is ranked number one for its cocaine business.

The local government is corrupted to the bone and makes all these crimes possible for the evil entities to cash in on these lucrative opportunities. The Dutch use the Caribbean ABC-Islands to launder their income, backed up by shady tax evading schemes provided by the local politicians.

The money flows run through Brazil into Lebanese banks, which deposit billions of dollars into connected Canadian banks. Hypocrisy is their diplomacy, as the corrupted fake media glorifies the business industry to conspire with the foreign drug lords, that are involved and work with the exclusive Colombian goods.

The AIDS epidemic is thought to deteriorate as time moves on, while the greedy elite cashes in on the human engineering scams.

Antilliaans Nieuws Blad / AA Magnum Blog Site News 2017.


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