The world’s largest online cruise forum, Cruise Critics has awarded Curacao for being the best cruise destination in the southern Caribbean. The “Cruiser’s Choice Destination Awards” is based on experiences from cruise passengers.

The cruise visitors commented that the colonial architecture, food and shopping in Curacao were all excellent and congratulated all the stakeholders related to the cruise sector. To be named the best of the ABC-Islands is a real honor, especially the fact that Willemstad would be a better cruise destiny compared to Oranjestad in Aruba.

However this announcement does not make the decision to build a second cruise pier correct. The return of investment to dock two of the world’s largest cruise ships, for a couple of months per year, at the price of $50 million seems a bit outrageous and a real waste of taxpayers money, on an island where extreme poverty, 40% unemployment and crime strikes the population.

For now Curacao has fallen victim to the tourism industry, while the local people need to finance the infrastructure for the tourist industry and Dutch colonial settlers to profit from.

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