Coastguard officials from the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao caught and arrested some 26 Venezuelan refugees wandering around @ the outpost and tourist party island of Klein Curacao, some 30 km away from the mainland.

Coastguard spokesman, Roderick Gouverneur said human traffickers dropped off 18 men, 7 women and one child at the small rocky desert style beach of small Curacao. Most refugees are anti-Maduro separatists that flee to escape treason charges in Venezuela.

Curacao has been historically famous as a hub for pirates smuggling contraband through the region. Apart from Colombian cocaine, human (sex) trafficking is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. The Dutch rule the island with a dictatorial style government that enhances corruption when needed.

Curacao has an estimated off-shore gambling industry valued @ $300 billion. The macro-industry controls the government policies, where geo-politics decide the faith of the local people.

The exotic smuggling rings are just a small part of the Caribbean market. Banking and money laundering through is realized with help of the so-called tourist industry. The Dutch people are famous worldwide for their in- and export practices. Even their first King Willem I created his fortunes with the sale of opium in the early days.

Now the Dutch are re-colonizing the ABC-Islands to set up their alternative networks to connect with their contacts in South America. About 40% of the business is conducted and controlled by Jewish-Dutch descendants in the region.

The Curacao Coast Guard forms a minor role in the total landscape picture of criminals, thugs, pimps which are mostly disguised and presented as respected people in the historically criminal minded community.

Unofficial numbers indicate, that Curacao has about 5.000 Venezuelan migrants working as low paid slaves for the local construction and tourist industry.

DC Legal Portal / AA Magnum News 2017.


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