The so-called Dutch auto autonomous island of Curacao has been invaded and occupied by corrupted entities under the cover of Tourism & Development. 

Crime-rates are on the rise, while local people get no proper education anymore. Bye, bye democracy and welcome to fascism? Now, we enter the world of “Free Speach vs. Hysteria”.

Officially the island in the Caribbean has no ministry or dedicated department for tourism, opening the flood gates for corruption to establish the foothold in the cocaine hub of the world. Chata rules the industry, leaving the community in distress @ the hands of greedy international networks that profit from money laundering schemes.

The recent elections were corrupted, but even so, the fascist puppets could not form a government to support the Dutch invasive attitude. Over the centuries the Dutch are best known for their collective annexations of other people’s properties all over the world. The Dutch royal family (William I) collected its riches from the opium trade.

Now, a couple of centuries later, the Dutch invaders want to capitalize on the lucrative cocaine profits. During WW I & II, the Dutch owned the biggest cocaine factory in the world, supplying all parties involved @ the battlefield during the war. The cocaine pills were sold to get the soldiers motivated to offer their lives in euphoria.

In Curacao the history reveals no difference regarding the capitalist formulas to enslave people in exchange for profits. Now the island must hold new elections scheduled for the end of April 2017. Since the Dutch recolonized the island during the 1990’s, the tropical island has been reshaped into a very dysfunctional and corrupt culture.

However, the MAN wants to remain in charge to comfort the Dutch crooked “businessmen”, and if this attitude does not hold, they asked the Dutch government to declare a State of Emergency in order to continue to facilitate the plundering of the people’s properties.

Most of Curacao’s beaches have been annexed by so-called developers that do not care about the local population’s needs or other type of educational benefits. Now, if the local people want to get near the crystal blue waters they have to pay a fee to set foot on their home ground territory occupied by invaders.

Discrimination and corruption drive the economy. The tourism hoax was established to exactly do this. No more rights for the locals, now only the visiting travel agencies decide how the island is ruled. The dictatorship has Chata to do its dirty work and complete the deception.

The airport has been confiscated by foreign evil entities to collect huge profits, while the tax payers are responsible for the maintenance costs of the airfield. The same hoax is forced upon the dry dock. PAR politicians are also used as puppets to dismantle the local enterprises and hand over the power to the colonizers.

Half of the local population has been deported to the Netherlands, in an attempt to escape the soft occupation by corrupted criminals that represent themselves as developers of the tropical ABC-Islands.

Crickey Conservation Society 2006.


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