The Curacao government is operating under restraining orders, put in place by the Dutch Crown to help recolonize the tiny ABC islands along the coast of Venezuela. The economic-based invasion is supported by Dutch politicians and businessmen that are cooperating to plunder the islands resources and take over the main daily life style.

Extremely high unemployment rates, resulting from poor educational input, drives the crime rates into uncharted territories. The local propaganda newspapers are now blaming the economic lock down on the crisis in Venezuela, while Dutch opportunists are invading, occupying and annexing the tax payers properties in front of the eyes of the censored audience.

The Dutch influenced newspapers and institutions have long praised the development in their headlines, but as poverty and social discrimination sets in the facts can not ignore the reality anymore. Human trafficking has become the most lucrative form of raking in profits for the fascists to profit from.

After 25 years of so-called development, the island’s budget deficits has risen, choking the local community off the grid, while frozen salaries and wages support the hostile take over. For the evil entities to make money, cheap labor is the most important tool to succeed. With the cost of living rising into double figures, the take-over attempt is simply and swift.

The ones that are not able to support their families anymore are economically deported to the so-called motherland to disappear into the crowd in order cover up the ethnic cleansing programs in place. Local politicians that are trying to put up a fight against the hostile take-over get shot and killed, covered up by fake news outlets that blame the murder on the gamble crime rings operating on Curacao.

The island’s beaches are invaded by so-called tourists, while Venezuelan refugees are mixing into the crowd. The modern Dutch pirate ships like KLM are supporting, the worldwide cocaine trade and those involved in the business.

Curacao once used to be the pearl of the Caribbean, but its population is now widely exploited by ruthless agents working for the involved manic networks. Money exchange has trashed human conditions and social welfare so the elite and their puppets could profit from the Zionist-style schemes.

Other islands dominated by the Dutch Kingdom are equally treated by the extortion industry and corrupted judges, that set opponents on trial to weaken the opposition and push through the brutal annexation. Cheap labor slaves from surrounding countries are the golden chip in the covert human engineering operation.

Bonaire and St.Eustatius (BES-Republic) are demonstrating and protesting on a large-scale in order the force the Dutch politicians to respect the democratic rights of the squeezed majorities. The local politicians are asking the UN for help in order to defend their human-rights values, instead of being used as trash by the corrupted entities.

The Dutch politicians intentionally abused the confidence of the so-called autonomous Caribbean islands, and now the leftover society is back peddling in an attempt to save their own dignity. Money is the cause of all evil on planet Earth and the ABC-Islands form no exception in this case.

All the Dutch military units, like the Army and Royal Marines, supported by the Coast Guard and VKC militants are on high alert in order to stop any upcoming revolution in its tracks. Curacao is strategically situated along the famous trade routes, running from South America to Europe and the USA.

Canadian onshore banks and Dutch off-shore banks, like ING and ABN-AMRO form the core business in the maze of worldwide networks that profit from the geographic position of Curacao.

Crickey-Conservation-Society 2017.


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