Since the early 1990’s Curacao has been invaded and transformed by the Dutch tourism industry, supported by real estate mafiosi’s that contributed to the ethnic cleansing program which initiated the cultural economic deportation.

In short the Dutch granted Curacao with a fake autonomous status, only to blame the local politicians for the human engineering program. All Curacao’s culturla values have been trashed and replaced by greedy entrepreneurs that show no remorse for human values.

The trick of the trade is simple, derail the local educational system and introduce foreign labor slaves delivered by human trafficking rings that create local unemployment and causes crime rates to explode. Rising real estate prices will force the locals to surrender in order to seek life quality somewhere else.

Tourism is widely seen as an invasive force that brings development in exchange for economic improvement, but in Curacao these profits end up in the pockets of businessmen instead of bringing relieve to the local tax payers. Hotels and resorts are granted tax holidays to avoid paying basic taxes, while the Curacao Tourism Bureau (CTB) collected the only alternative tax income, in order to spend it on advertisements for the tax evading tourism sector.

Especially beaches and downtown real estate are being occupied by the Dutch crime ring enterprises that use puppets to disguise their corrupted money laundering intentions. At the same time the local taxpayers are forced to cover the costs for the tourism infrastructure, including building two expensive mega piers for cruise industry to anchor their passenger ships and a build an overrated $300 million 5-star hospital for the visiting entities.

Tourism and real estate investments are overruling the basic local human rights in Curacao in exchange for greedy evil investors that are supported by the European cocaine lobbyists, including Latin prostitution networks and the most favorable Italian gambling industry.

The capitalist values are based on money laundering on- & offshore banking systems, with the fake media on their side to cover up the crime rings that prey on poverty and real estate belonging to the local tax payers. Once government enterprises & institutes are replaced by privatization, the wealth streams into the pockets of the pirates that invade and occupy foreign territory to enrich the crooked Zionist elite.

The economic invader gangs are shipped in with KLM pirate ships that perform 12 flights per week. The local airport business and proceedings are in the hands of Swiss airport handlers that extract huge profits into their accounts, while the local taxpayers are obligated to finance all the costs for the foreign based operators.

The oil refining industry has fallen into Chinese hands that support Venezuela, while the banking system is controlled by Rothschild’s puppets guiding the rules of engagement for the entourage. The Colombian cocaine cartels are using Curacao as their global hub to pour their lucrative powder into the veins of the Western drug addicts living in the EU & USA.

Crickey Human Nature & Conservation Society 2017.



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