The democratic process involving the upcoming elections in the Dutch Caribbean outpost of Curacao has been turned into a dictatorship by evil entities that want to control the entire economy.

After 20 years of so-called development, the tropical island along the coast of Venezuela has been transformed into higher crime rates, less education and increasing poverty, orchestrated by the fascist Dutch rulers.

Fake news, fake development, fake law enforcement and the fake economy now serves the Dutch money-laundering mafia and its collaborators that avoid paying taxes to support the local life quality standards. Money laundering is one of the most important projects on the ABC-islands.

After the Shell left in the 1980’s, the Dutch left the island unattended for incapable entities to screw up the island’s financial future. In the early 1990’s the Dutch presented a new formula to control the island. Tourism was the new angle for the pirates to evolve.

The tourism industry now plunder the Dutch Caribbean islands, taking away all the local “taxpayers property” beaches, while the victimized taxpayers (owners of the island, not represented by its corrupted government) have to pay for the improvement of the infrastructure.

Unfortunately this evil form of capitalism is purely based upon fascist greed and fake ego’s. However, the problems for Curacao are just beginning to show its intensity. The rulings for the upcoming democratic elections have been changed to favor the evil organizations that are plundering the island.

Fake politicians are signing away the island’s sources of income (airport, seaport and refinery), to isolate the community and turn them into modern salves of the system. The annexation process must continue for the deception to become reality. The invaders are low ranked foreign puppets in disguise in order to make the process look real.

The Dutch have solely decided to change the democratic process and appointed the governor (representative of the Kingdom) to decide about the upcoming government formation guidelines. Now it doesn’t matter who wins the elections anymore, because the governor will decide who will take office and govern the occupied community.

This form of recolonization undermines the democratic values for the rich to become richer and for the poor to die of hunger. For that reason, the constitution is fake and corrupted, neglecting the so-called autonomy.

If the winner(s) of the upcoming elections for Curacao can’t form the new government, dictatorship has prevailed. Already half of the local population has been relocated and deported to the Netherlands.

Since than the Middle Class has been replaced by a visiting tax evading resident network shipped in to occupy the annexed overseas territories in the Caribbean.

As long as accountants, backed by corrupted lawmakers, cook the books and present fake numbers about the so-called development, audits are useless for the society to rely on.

AA Magnum News Bulletin.


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