While the Curacao government Budget Deficit is growing, mainly because it has to finance the development of the local infrastructure, profit taking was basically incorporated to serve foreign entities invading the Caribbean island along the coast of Venezuela.

Since the Dutch covert annexation project started, poverty has risen because prices were fixed up, resulting in the Economic Deportation of the local born residents that were living as citizens in the sun blessed community. Most of them have now been replaced by a foreign workforce, extracted to work as employees for Human Trafficking rings.

Also the Educational Opportunities were undermined by unequal regulations, which eventually resulted in higher Crime Rates. To control, dominate and secure the capitalist based establishment, the Kingdom politicians ordered the Dutch Army to be deployed to protect the hugely profitable occupation campaign, including the money-making, but corrupted tourism industry.

The political arm of the bridgehead soldiers, PAR (Party Antilles Restructured) rules like an extremist dictator in order to get all the necessary documents signed for the Netherlands to forcefully recolonize the Caribbean ABC-Islands.

In order to protect their puppets the Dutch Police formed a special task force, called the RST (dubbed the Joint Cooperation Team). The Dutch Marines and the Coast Guard have also been stationed on the island for security reasons.

In the meanwhile, the local unemployment rate has risen sharply to almost 40%, but for some reason, foreign work forces are still flowing in and flooding the market, causing the youth to choose for an Alternative Income, mostly extracted from illegal gambling, prostitution, drugs abuse and alcohol abuse, which in this case is not in contrast with the income support, meant for the Corrupted Elite.

Curacao has been caught up in a wild roller coaster ride for all the wrong reasons, where the locals voters are being replaced by the new generation, that already live luxurious lives, profiting from the low frozen wages, which can best be compared with modern slavery. The only benefit the local islanders experience is cheap cocaine consumption, nicely backed up by a SVB health coverage.

The visiting entities like, Off-shore companies, Canadian banks, Tourism industry (led by CHATA), Curacao Airport Partners (CAP) have their tax exemptions and other benefits arranged, while the Tax-Payers have to cough up the cost for the expensive infrastructure like a luxurious hospital @ the cost of $400 million, for the outside ‘visiting’ agents to profit from.

Money laundering is the name of the game, which has been perfectly regulated by the crime networks that operate as vampires to get what they want. The gambling industry, for instance is said to be worth $300 billion annually, while the next most profitable source of income is the Oil Industry. Curacao has oil reserves connected with the Venezuelan basins, and new territorial boundaries are extended to cash in the lute.

The DEA previously reported Curacao as the number one capital in the world, partially representing a drugs trade hub, especially the department where lawyers and accountants are involved to seal the money laundering deals.

The most feared crime rings operate on the ABC-Islands, representing the Jewish, Italian and Colombian Mafia Rings. The privatized Central Bank, controls most of the ‘official’ money flows, while casino serve as ATM machines for the organized crime rings.

To control all of these inventories, Deception is the key to compromise the life quality of the enlisted participants. Poverty is a direct result of Greed worldwide, while Fake News fools the people all the time.

The Color Revolution forces the Regime Change to materialize in order to sponsor “Big Lies Incorporated”. The Doctrine of Imperialism magically wipes away your humanitarian rights, including your personality.

Welcome to the Curacao Prison Territory, best compared with the blocked up isolated Gaza Strip, but only now under the scorching Caribbean desert-style sun. In the end most people will keep acting like manicured Zombies, with their minds switched off, so they can enjoy life.

Underestimated Gig / AA-Magnum News 2017.


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