The extreme form of reinvented colonialism on the Dutch Caribbean islands along the coat of South America is going to be supported by fascist lawmakers, developing a law that must gaggle and destroy freedom of speech.

The colonial puppet politicians of the PAR are working on a new law to combat so-called ‘fake news’ on Curacao. However, the interpretation of fake news is the problem the world has to deal with to support capitalism. The US president, Donald Trump has the same view regarding this delicate issue.

In general fake news doesn’t have any power, if the truth prevails in this world. What is fake news, and how do we categorize this issue in order to tackle it. PAR front-runner, Rhuggenaath has been ordered to complete his mission and in order to support his treason, he must develop a law that can silence his political enemies, whenever needed.

Freedom of speech is one of the founding pillars of democracy, but Curacao is obviously run by a bunch of dictators, that work their way up to please the Dutch colonial invaders. All the islands assets to generate income have already been stripped away from the local tax paying community.

Unfortunately the Macro-economy decides the faith of Curacao, serving as a hub for shipping lanes and aerial cargo routes, connecting South America with Europe and the USA. The most profitable business products in the Caribbean are cocaine, money laundering, off-shore gambling and over-glorified tourism.

In order to control the flows of goods, the Curacao airport has been seized by a Swiss-based foreign entity that rules the business under the cover of Curacao Airport Partners (CAP). The Curacao Dry Dock Company CDM) has been offered to a Dutch enterprise, that can now help to strip away local income. The Isla Refinery is the next target.

The extremely corrupted tourism industry does not or hardly employ local citizens, forcing them to deport to another destiny in life and leave their roots behind forever, in order to be replaced by Dutch third class invaders that scoop up the islands territory. All the local beaches have been stripped away by international tax evading hotel- and resort chains to profit from the greedy attitude lingered to sustain complete control by the lucrative business cartels.

The only right remaining for the local society is to finance the infrastructure for these thugs, so they can launder their drugs and gambling money in a proper and respectable way. The local politicians have to join the doomsday train, so they can temporarily profit from the colonial heist.

At a certain point in time these traitors will face the same faith as the local people. The plundering and annexing of the land and its real-estate properties is also used to launder money for the connecting criminal networks. In order to censor this evil raid, PAR has been ordered to construct a fascist law to block and isolate the local newspapers from unraveling the real truth regarding their faith and tortured future.

Curacao can be best compared with Palestine. The Palestinians are also robbed from their lands and forced to pay taxes to provide the so-called security in order to control any uprise or protest against the futuristic development.

On the island of Curacao, the Dutch army and marines are supported by the DEA and RST (two foreign police forces) to combat any possible uprise, organized by the battered and impoverished community. Since the Dutch-invasion started back in the early 1990’s, PAR was the choses entity to establish the bridgehead on Curacao.

Now some 25 years later, crime rules the Dutch ABC- Islands, guided by the Free Masons and other semi-Zionist organizations that steal the food out of the mouths of its enslaved victims. The horror show will continue until the last man standing has been offered to the evil spirits that drive the hostile occupation.

The “ethnic cleansing program” is part of the global “human engineering agenda” motivating the exodus and controlled human migration flows.

Crickey Conservation Society / AA-Magnum-News 2017.



  1. What you are doing here is a waste of time.
    people on this island do not care.

    if you tell them the truth..they simply do not care.

    our people were forced into being christians , they didnt even seek what their ancestors believed in after salvetrade was banned to get back to their roots..they simply followed what the opressor told them to believe in. First by force, later by choice.

    if you can not change that simple thing..forget about anyone on this island understanding what you have written.

    people here are like 5% into researching what you have wirtten…95% do not care or would rather spend that time online searching about the kardashians.

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