The sunny Caribbean island of Curacao, is being invaded and buried under mass tourism these days, flooding the beaches and causing extreme traffic congestions on the street of the former Dutch colony, situated along the coast of Venezuela.

Tourism these days has been exploiting its dark side in alliance with eco-terrorism and cultural rape, instead of providing the chosen destiny with the much-needed social development. Corrupted politicians sign agreements with foreign based entities for them to come prostitute the lustful environment without limitations.

Tourists arriving at their destinies never bring the money with them, because travel agents sold them all-in packages up in front and collected the most of the possible income. No questions asked. Come and join the fun.

Hazy tax evading economic structures, supported by accountants cooking the books guarantee and make sure the local tax collector will stay away, while all the profits are cashed in far away from the visiting destiny. Instead the tax collectors harasses the local society, for them to pay the needed investment costs for the expensive infrastructure.

Today in Mallorca, activists attended crowded tourist hot spots, and demonstrated with smoke grenades and confetti, showing themselves through the capitalist fields where the commercial rip-off shows are preformed on a daily basis. Some activists attacked buses, which are being used as pirate ships to drag and ship the tourists around. It is important to protect the island against total destruction.

In the Caribbean, especially the Dutch ABC-Islands, mass tourism is supported by TUI, AA and KLM that transport all the cattle to their manipulated and marketed hot spots. The locals are enslaved to drive them around, and that is only if they themselves do not drive around in a prepaid rental car.

Additionally the carbon footprint, the tourism and aviation industries cause together, is unlimited and of the scale good governance. Any passenger flying into Curacao pollutes the same amount of carbon emissions, as driving around in their cars for one year.

So, however experts look at this exceptional disastrous trend, the capitalist formula is a creepy way for over polluting the planet we all try to live on. But hey, stop being so negative, we all must enjoy our lives to the max, because daily life has become so boring and filled with lies, that people need to escape to improve their sabotaged state of mind, instead of mentally collapsing and start on pharmaceutical medications for the rest of their imprisoned lives.

CTB Blog Site / Crickey Conservation-Society 2017.


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