The Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao is being runned by incapable people. For generations political individuels were seated and posted on important positions so that the local criminal hierarchies could decide about the future of the island. Changing the Dutch language from schools was the first step to impoverish the local citizens. Locally the most money is made with the sales of boose, cocaine, prostitution and gambling. People who did make it and earned a University degree are gradually pushed out of their positions te replace them with corrupt rulers.

The prime minister Schotte is networking away from Curacao to establish connections to facilitate corrupt money flows. Justice boss Jamaloodin can’t get his interviews straight and Hakim is busy building his Hezbollah and other anti establisment connections. The local citizens are waiting in vain before the Dutch who are responsable for good governance on the Caribbean islands take action and wipe out the criminal establishments.

iNews – AA 2002


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