The Curacao delegation, with the exception of Dennis Jackson left the Inter-Parliamentary Kingdom Talk (IPKO) on St. Maarten. Netherlands refuses locally produced amendments to be included in the final chord and gave this as excuse to not want to include them. Also, Asjes was not satisfied and stepped out.

The remaining participants (St.Maarten, BES and NL) have signed the final agreement. Transport, health, youth and youth care were the topics of discussion. It is regrettable that Curacao is not heard and that NL pressed the knife at the throat of others, which do not share the style and particular game plan which represents their views.

The cultural future of Curacao is seriously derailed and the poorly exposed the interests of Curacao are history. Asjes lets himself be tempted to present suggestions, while NL sweep the floor with the Curacao politicians. The accompanying photo was taken by Scarlet Wind Star.

iNews – IPKO.

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