The capitalist government of Curacao has approved to build another mega pier for cruise ships to visit the tropical island in the Caribbean region along the coast of Venezuela.

According to Curacao Port Authorities (CPA), the project must guarantee to keep up with increasing cruise demand. Opposition entities were censored in order to covertly support the project that has to be financed by the local taxpayers. To include the local emotion, the second mega pier was named after anti-slave activist Tula.

The second pier was aimed to destroy pristine coral reefs and an environmentally protected bird sanctuary. The first megapier has an occupation rate of only 25%, so one might asked themselves, what the real motive is behind this project, apart from expanding the carbon footprint.

Building an extra pier for a one-time possibility that two mega cruise ships might visit Curacao @ the same time is simply out of this world and an extreme waste of Korpodeko money. Korpodeko is well known for wasting tax payers money, Insel Air, DAE and Morena resort are some those crooked investment examples.

The Curacao harbor has the capacity to dock most cruise ships, but the latest mega ships can not navigate into the St.Anna Bay, creating the lame reason for this capitalist eco-terrorist project. The cruise season covers only a couple of months of the year, leaving the pier empty for the rest of the year.

This type of waste of Curacao tax payers money creates an even bigger government deficit, forcing the local politicians to bend over and go on their knees in order to beg the Dutch government for more money(loans), to compensate the costs of the Dutch enterprises involved with building this second pier and other tourist infrastructure projects. The budget rise for building the new hospital for medical tourists stands @ $400 million.

At the same time, crime and unemployment rates are rising on the island of Curacao.

Curacao Tourism Board / AA Magnum Blog-Analyst Site 2017. 


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